• Jessica Zeylmaker

30 Milligram will premiere 29 September at Nederlands Film Festival

The film 30 Milligram will premiere 29 September at the Nederlands Film Festival in the Wolff City Utrecht.

With an excessive population ageing problem, youth unemployment peaking, a hard hitting financial crisis and a recession that is hitting the Netherlands hard, there comes the Baby Boom Civil Servant Flow-off Measure. The one law that can pull the country back from the brink. The one law that knows against whom we have to act to repeal the tax increase. The one law that shows how problems are really solved. That one law carried out by two heroes. With one dose. 30 milligrams.

cast: William Spaaij, Dieter Jansen, Joep Onderdelinden, Jessica Zeylmaker, Simon Zwiers, Thomas Cammaert, Arjen Busscher, Pamela Teves, Tom Jansen, Cindy Bell, Yvonne Valkenburg, Judy Doorman, Johnny Kraaijkamp, Hajo Bruins, Joey Ferre, Inge Ipenburg and Irene Kuiper

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