• Jessica Zeylmaker

Artists in War will perform this week 29, 30 31 May and 1 june at Karavaan Festival !

In a live radio play we follow four well-known Dutch artists during the Second World War. The question is: what is the responsibility of the artist in wartime?

“Kunstenaars in Oorlog” (Artists in War) showed four different reactions from the Dutch artists Piet Mondriaan, Charley Toorop, Johannes Heesters and Gerrit Jan van der Veen at the time of the Second World War. One flees while another joins the resistance. A third collaborates with the enemy, while the fourth tries to endure the horrors of war through his art. This is why this play is not just about Mondriaan, Heesters, Toorop and van der Veen, but about all of us.

Jessica will perform the role of Charley Toorop.

Directed by Jori Hermsen

Cast: Jessica Zeylmaker, Martijn van der Veen and Bas Sligting

Written by: Annemarie Slotboom

Composition: Ben Lammerts van Bueren

Photos: René den Engelsman & Moon Saris

To go the site for the tickets Click here!

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