• Jessica Zeylmaker

Jessica in radio play The Hormone Factory

The radio play The Hormone factory is based on the novel by Saskia Goldschmidt, and is for the radio rewritten in collaboration with Director Peter te Nuyl. The project is produced by Palentino Media, founded by Marijke van der Molen. It is for the AVRO Radio.

Jessica will perform the role of Debora.

The story looks back on the life of Motke Darius, a successful entrepreneur who in the 1920s along with his brother Aron Darius is at the start of a fantastic project. They set up a company along with the pharmacologist Levine on for developing hormone preparations. A family business that does the discovery and exploitation of the pill, testosterone and insulin. Severe poverty and crime are a toxic mixture. But Motke continues, no price seems too high. Finally, after the second world war as the balance sheet is drawn up, it appears that no one unscathed.

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