• Jessica Zeylmaker

Jessica plays 25th April at Nachtgasten!!

Nachtgasten (Night guests) is a 2 hour improvisation performances.

In Nachtgasten the creators invite professional Dutch actors to improvise based on a scenario written beforehand. There is a story for four or five actors. All the actors also get a personal story with a personal secret. The audience is aware of the secrets that have to be revealed, but the actors are not. And then they get two hours to improvise.

Nachtgasten (Night guests) is a platform for actors, founded by (theatre-makers/actors) Yorick Zwart, Koen Wouterse en Niels Croiset. www.nachtgasten.nl

Jessica plays at Nachtgasten at De Bond Oldenzaal


For tickets got to the website CLICK HERE!

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