• Jessica Zeylmaker

NPO rebroadcast the 4-part series EO The Van Gogh Legacy on Saturday 27 June to Saturday 18 July at

The Van Gogh Legacy tells the compelling true story of Vincent van Gogh (Barry Atsma). From his failed love life with Sien Hoornik (Jessica Zeylmaker), his troubled relationship with his parents, his affection for his brother Theo, his doomed friendship with Paul Gauguin to the lack of interest in his art and his mounting psychological problems. Seen through the eyes of Vincent Willem van Gogh (Jeroen Krabbé), Theo’s son and Vincent’s only heir, the story is an emotional and confrontational journey into his legendary uncle’s past to uncover the real man behind the painter and ensure his continued legacy.

Jessica performed the role of Sien Hoornik

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