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The Bear (Chekhov) in premiere at Spoffin Festival!

Bijgewerkt op: 18 okt. 2018

Chekhov’s story invites us into the world of a widow Popova (Jessica Zeylmaker), whose grief for her dead husband keeps her entombed in her own house. Her servant Loeka (Brian Verhagen)begs her to rejoin the world of the living, but the mourning widow hasn’t the will. A dashing man Smirnov ( Martijn van der Veen) raps on the door. It seems the widow’s deceased husband borrowed a tidy sum from this gentleman and he is now desperate to have the loan repaid. The widow has neither the cash nor the inclination. A war of wills ensues as Chekhov massages their battle into a comedic frenzy. Maybe, just maybe, while living amongst the debris of profound loss, might a second chance at love come knocking combatively at the door?

Directed by Jori Hermsen Cast Jessica Zeylmaker, Martijn van der veen en Brian verhagen

24, 25 and 26 of Augustus 2018 at Spoffin Festival Location: Het Seminarie - Muurhuizen 102

Tickets: CLICK HERE!

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