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The film Nono The Zigzag Kid is showing in New York this week!

JCC Greenwich posted this nice interview with Director Vincent Bal

By Laura Blum

Ever wonder what it'd be like to mix coming-of-age drama, romance and comedy with action adventure, fantasy, detective mystery and tragedy -- and top it off with musical numbers and a road trip? Add caper flourishes and you have The ZigZag Kid. Belgian director Vincent Bal's genre-bending screen adaptation of Israeli author David Grossman's beloved novel is a triumph of contradictions, as is its young hero, Nono Feierberg.

Nono idealizes his dad, Holland's top police detective, yet he makes trouble even when he means to make good. Gaby, his father's secretary and girlfriend, adores Nono and believes he will find his way only when he learns about his dead mother. With his 13th birthday on the horizon, the rambunctious picaro is sent to stay with his donnish uncle. Along the way, he assumes a mission surrounding the question, "Who am I?" It will bring Nono into the orbit of a master burgler named Felix Glick, a lounge diva named Lola Ciperola (Isabella Rossellini) and a family secret. Nono's path to embracing his zigzag nature is itself one rollicking zigzag. Fortunately, Bal himself agreed to zigzag from preproduction on his next project to speak with jccgreenwich.org about this enchanting movie celebrating the freedom to be uniquely complex -- and to accept unique complexity in others.

For the whole interview click here!

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