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The film Spijt! (Regret!) wins ECFA Award and Starboy Prize at the 2013 Oulu International Children’


Starboy prize given by the Children's jury: REGRET! directed by DAVE SCHRAM

ECFA award given by the International jury: REGRET! directed by DAVE SCHRAM


The Children's jury gave the Starboy prize sponsored by the Oulun Energia company to the director of the best film in the Children's film competition. The prize consists of 4000 euros and a Starboy statuette made by Sanna Koivisto.

Jury statement:

The winner is a moving and enlightening film. It shows very well what it is like to be bullied. The film is sad; at times you get a tear in your eye. It is loaded with good actors. The film's message is an important one because it tells you that no one is to be bullied.

The winner is the Dutch film Regret!, directed by Dave Schram.

The second place goes to The Zigzag Kid.

ECFA Award: Regret!

The ECFA Award was founded by the European Children’s Film Association in 2010. It is given to the best European Film in the Children’s Film Competition by an international jury.

This year the International jury members were Michael Harbauer, director of the Schlingel film festival, producer Natalya Tsegelnyk from Ukraine, and the Oulu-based dancer-choreographer Pirjo Yli-Maunula.

Jury statement:

the winner is a film going deep into the heart. Outstanding film, close to the reality, speaks the language of the youth.

It is wonderful how the community finds a way to overcome a terrible tragedy together.

There was a silent cinema after the film.

The winner is Regret! directed by Dave Schram.

more info: http://www.oulunelokuvakeskus.fi/lef/ajankohtaista/hae/510

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