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The Zigzag Kid 6 on ned 3 ZAPP january 6 at 09.00!

Growing up without a mother hasn't been easy for thirteen-year old Amnon "Nono" Feierberg, the son of the world's greatest police inspector. Particularly as his constant attempts to impress his father inevitably land him in trouble, with his latest escapade resulting in his being sent away to stay with his uncle just days before his bar mitzvah. While on the train, Nono finds a strange letter that directs him to complete a special task — and when he meets master criminal Felix Glick, his father's arch nemesis, he is convinced that his father is behind his secret mission. With only twenty-four hours to go before his bar mitzvah, Nono not only has to complete his mission, but also has to discover the truth about the mother he never knew. Adapted from the beloved book by Israeli writer David Grossman, The Zigzag Kid is a stylish, sharply written and wonderfully entertaining adventure that will charm audiences with its imaginative and uplifting tale about growing up and discovering who you are.

cast: Thomas Simon, Fedja van Huêt, Jessica Zeylmaker, Isabella Rossellini, Burghart Klaussner, Camille de Pazzis.

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