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  • Jessica Zeylmaker

Today the tv serie Trollie of director Gert Embrechts will be premiere at the Dutch TV at 19.00. at

It’s the winter holidays. Ten-year-old Max Plume and his family visit their grandma Mimi for Christmas. Grandma Mimi lives in an old mansion in the mountains. She always tells the most fantastic stories about goblins, elves, trolls and other marvellous creatures. When Max goes out to investigate by himself, he meets a young troll. Max and Trollie become friends and embark on a great adventure together. Trollie is a lighthearted, fun and endearing Christmas story. The arrival of an ill-mannered troll leads Max into hilarious situations and helps him to flourish. He transforms from a shy and withdrawn bookworm into a self-confident youngster who is capable of building up a friendship. Trollie is an ET-story for a new generation and in a new arena: the fairytale world of the forests with trolls, a moody goblin and even the odd unicorn.

Trollie the tv series will be broadcast weekly in the Netherlands starting from Saturday 17 October 2015 at 19.00 by Z@PP.

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