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Trailer of the film Onze Jongens (Boys will be boys) by director Johan Nijenhuis!!

Jorrit returns from abroad and despite his having a 9-year-old-son, he is intent on living a carefree life. He joins forces with his friend Bas who owns a construction company. Soon, the flirtatious Jorrit realizes there’s a much easier way to make money, and more of it. Women love to watch him work. So why not take it a step farther and strip for them? He convinces Bas and the rest of the team to turn the company into a male strippers gig. Money and women, in abundance, but will it help restore the bond with his estranged son? And soon, Jorrit will find out that his lifestyle stands in the way of finding true love.

Producers: Johan Nijenhuis en Ingmar Menning Director: Johan Nijenhuis Screenwriter: Annelou Verboon Distribution: Entertainment One Benelux Release: december 2016

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