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'We zijn hier voor Robbie' by Het Nationale Theater is on tour along the large Dutch theaters

Saturday, November 10 was the premiere of the performance 'We zijn hier voor Robbie' in the Royal Theater in The Hague. A new written play by Maria Goos. The director is Eric de Vroedt. 'We zijn hier voor Robbie' is a brand new, hilarious and heartbreaking play about a totally failed family dinner with Mark Rietman, Romana Vrede, Stefan de Walle, Tamar van den Dop, Yela de Koning, Bram Suiker, Mariana Aparicio Torres and Jessica Zeylmaker.

Three generations The new play is a tragicomic narrative about three generations struggling with the question of what 'doing good' means. The old generation symbolizes the old Netherlands where families could get rich without even wondering for a second whether they earned their money properly. The middle generation has money, but experiences that the world is changing and that something else is expected from them than self-enrichment. The youngest generation has an urgent need to actually do 'good'. But what does 'doing well' mean in this time?

'We zijn hier voor Robbie' is a co-production of The National Theater and the Theater Alliance. 'We zijn hier voor Robbie' plays an average of four evenings in a single city and comes back to The Hague two times after the game period in November. The piece can be seen in the Koninklijke Schouwburg during the Christmas season and comes back at the end of the tour in January.

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